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    The festive seasons are coming and knitwear is one of the most favorite textiles of designers and brands to create stylish and very comfortable proposals.
    The knitwear has never been as fashionable as it is now. The reason? Knitwear is a textile that transforms when manipulated: there are premium knits that are created with the best fibers in the market adding value not only as a structural component of a brand’s collection but in the consumer’s daily life: knitwear can be a long-lasting textile with good washing and care maintenance. After the quality, comes the design and the stylization of the concept that can be very bright through the application of lurex yarn or a beautiful jacquard pattern in which we are expert designers.

    We have selected a set of knitwear for the Christmas and New Year’s mood so that brands and designers can get inspired and give free reign to their imagination for the best party looks.

    It’s time to celebrate life, our mind and body: feeling good through what we wear. This is the mission of our knitwear!