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    TRIMALHAS – KNIT INSPIRATION, SA., makes available an internal Complaint Channel, where acts or omissions contrary to the rules contained in the acts of the European Union and of the Council, to national rules that implement, transpose or comply with such acts or to any other rules contained in legislative acts of implementation or transposition of the same, including those that provide for crimes or administrative offences, referring to the areas provided for in paragraph 1 of Article 2 of Law 93/2021, may be reported. The whistleblowing channel may be used by employees, service providers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as any persons acting under their supervision and direction, shareholders, persons belonging to administrative or management bodies or to fiscal or supervisory bodies of legal persons, including non-executive members, Volunteers and interns, whether remunerated or not. All communications will be treated in an independent and confidential manner, ensuring the protection of your personal data, and you may maintain your anonymity by mentioning this at the beginning of your communication. To this end, the decision to report must be made consciously, thoughtfully and honestly. The institution will ensure a response to all reported situations. To make a report of irregularities you should use the following channel, or alternatively send it to the headquarters of the institution, directed to the Whistleblowing Department. Complaints, namely those related to customer service, commercialized products and attendance to the public in general, are excluded from the scope of application of this channel, which should be submitted directly to the company or its subsidiaries through the respective channels existing for this purpose. For more information, please consult the available documents.”