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    We safeguard that working with
    an environmentally friendly production
    can make the world a better place.

    Throughout our journey and growth, we felt the need to adopt more sustainable measures in order to reduce environmental impacts.

    We went in search of new solutions and looked optimized resources, in order to achieve an increasingly conscious production and growth at all levels.

    Trimalhas currently sends an average of 6 tons of cardboard and 800 kg of plastic per month to be recycled, later collected by a certified company that will re-use these materials. In addition to these residues, oils, knits and metals are also separated. All of this waste is collected by companies focused on subsequent recycling and recovery processes.

    The constant search for actions that increase energy sustainability drove our organization to opt for LED lighting, instead of halogen and incandescent lamps, and the installation of solar panels.

    We shape the present without compromising the future.

    Our sustainability principles are based on the following points:


    We are increasingly concerned with creating organic knits, created from sustainable and environmental friendly raw materials. At Trimalhas, our knits are GOTS, OCS and GRS certified in order to create a better and more sustainable world.


    At Trimalhas, we try to be increasingly conscious and ecological in our way of operating. The proof of this is the GOTS certificates that have distinguished us in this aspect of sustainability. In our factory there is a great control of residues to guarantee the conservation of nature and in this way guarantee the authentic creation of organic products. The entire process is rigorous, since audits are carried out regularly by independent companies.


    We intend to promote slow fashion based on more conscious consumption. The preservation of natural resources and use of sustainable fibers allows us to increase the creation of quality organic products and produce fabrics with a long cycle of use.



    With regard to the sustainability of our production, we have been looking for sustainable and innovative options. It is important to note that care is taken in when choosing the best work partners, those that meet the requirements and have the same thinking.

    The use of organic cotton and other yarns of sustainable origin are present in more and more knits in our collection, this is a choice, but also a commitment to our society.


    Global Organic Textile Standard

    GOTS is the most rigorous certificate on the market. It integrates all stages of textile creation, from fiber production to the finished product. It represents our commitment to future generations, allowing us to contribute into improving social and environmental industrial performance while creating economic value. The traceability of the entire process is guaranteed to consumers, the factories respect social criteria and all clothes are produced with environmental friendly and non- harmful chemicals.


    Organic Content Standard

    Through the Organic Content Standard (OCS), a consistent and rigorous assessment of the content of organic material in products is carried out by an accredited certification body. This assessment applies to products that contain between 5% to 100% organic material in the final product.


    Global Recycled Standard

    Global Recycled Standard is an international standard, entirely devoted to products, where requirements for the certification of recycled material are defined. Nevertheless, it encompasses the process chain, social practices, environmental responsibilities and chemical constraints.🌱

    The goals of the GRS standard are:
    Establish requirements to ensure specific product characteristics, good working conditions and to minimize environmental harmful impacts.