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    AND NOW WHAT? 2021 brings a milestone that it would be natural for us to celebrate: 30 years of ModaLisboa. At these anniversary times, it is normal to look back, make points of the situation, and promise future projects. But that’s not enough for us. We have never been nostalgic. It is true that Fashion looks back, but it is in the future that it finds its oxygen – it has always been, it has always lived forward. It seemed a logical step to dive into our three-decade history looking for clues, for all the times we’ve caused a change, made audiences tremble, been too young. But from these endless hours of research, instead of coming back with memories, we leave with a question:

    now what?
    now what?
    now what?
    An echo that questions everything – ModaLisboa, Fashion, the present, the future. It’s not an identity crisis, it’s not like we’ve forgotten our mission, or as if we don’t know how to put up the next Lisboa Fashion Week. We know. But everything changed. And nothing has changed. Now what? This deep, rhetorical, omnipresent question leaves limited space for answers. It leaves all space for freedom.

    From October 7 to 10, 2021, ModaLisboa AND NOW WHAT?, in co-organization with Lisbon City Hall, occupies Estufa Fria and Capitólio for its 57th edition. With no season imposition, we present the collections of national Fashion Designers in four days that are complemented with talks and workshops. As in October 2020, and after an exclusively digital season, the Fashion presentations will once again have an exclusive face-to-face audience, and it is in — and in the apps ModaLisboa, mobile and TV (for MEO customers) – that the public will have unlimited access to all the contents of Lisboa Fashion Week.

    These 30 years – accentuated by the extreme harshness of the last two – have given us the maturity to realize that we don’t always have to have answers. That we don’t have to grab onto promises of a bright future. That Fashion thinking is permeable, even in seeking solutions to a reality that still struggles with sustainability, inclusion, speed, and respect. AND NOW WHAT? is in everything we do because we will never be satisfied.



    We will be represented with the “WORLD OF CHANGE” exhibition space, a mini representation of our VIRTUAL SHOWROOM that you can explore here.

    You can visit us at the MAYER PARK CAPITAL from October 7th to 10th.


    ART meets knitwear

    Constança Entrudo x Trimalhas is the best symbiosis of two worlds: art and industry.

    In this talk, art will be presented as the main element and starting point for the creation of the artist’s work together with TRIMALHAS’ raw material.

    The knit is matter almost like “a second skin” for the body of those who dare to wear it. The knit is one of the most privileged fabrics for the body that asks for comfort and well-being, without ever losing its identity Carlos Cardoso, will also explain the benefits of knitwear in the active life of the new consumer, as well as the types of knitwear that designers and brands can find in the vast universe of TRIMALHAS.

    SPEAKERS: CONSTANÇA ENTRUDO, Carlos Cardoso (Trimalhas Textile Designer) e Patricia Silvério (Head of the Trimalhas Communication and Digital Strategy department).