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    Constança Entrudo x Trimalhas

    Constança Entrudo x Trimalhas is the perfect symbiosis of two worlds: ART & INDUSTRY, REGENERATION & INSPIRATION.

    The collaboration came about to make a creative, sustainable, and timeless collection by using the raw material and dead stock of Trimalhas. This collaboration is the inspiration and the guiding line for designer Constança Entrudo’s creativity. No fixed, predefined rules. Her vision, aesthetics and DNA, and the raw material of Trimalhas are the differentiating elements, apart from the comfort that the pieces confer. The collection is free of gender and age because both value the creativity and expression of each person.

    This collection was presented at MODALISBOA.

    The Garden of Forking Paths

    “This video by @mariagdgsousa, with photography by @nommommvieira, entitled The Garden of Forking Paths (or, the garden of bifurcation paths, like the short story by Argentine Jorge Luis Borges published in 1941), was produced with the support of Turismo da Madeira and @trimalhas.knits It highlights the misty coast of the Madeira archipelago, where the designer travels by land or sea, seeking inspiration.

    Between the dense air calling for a thunderstorm and the light of freedom, this work explores sound, space, and materiality, celebrated in looks that choose new materials and almost fragmented patterns, fabrics that merge with ceramic buttons, created in collaboration with Vasco Futscher, reminiscent of seafood textures such as limpets. Constança Entrudo enters in a visual journey, with both black volcanic grains of sand and white ones, that the beaches of these islands in the middle of the Atlantic offers.

    We are guided by the wandering of the models that accompany the salty water shuttle, screams of sea birds, shellfish of shellfish, shells and pocket knives, as the note of evasion and hope in a new era.”


    Constança Entrudo

    Constança Entrudo was born in Lisbon. She was born in Lisbon. She lived in London for six years, where she graduated in Textile Design from the prestigious Central Saint Martins, and worked for Marques’Almeida and Peter Pilotto. In 2017, she becomes a designer for Balmain, under the creative direction of Oliver Rousteing, in Paris, and launches her brand at @lisboafashionweek, where she presents her first collection in her name in the summer of 2018.

    Her creativity doesn’t allow itself to be shaped by rules, by pre-defined structures, or by a single aesthetic perspective or language, as she doesn’t want to exclude new possibilities for discovery, experimentation, and collaboration with other designers or artists. Therefore, her collections cannot be limited by gender or age – they are always for the freedom to imagine, to materialize, and to dress.